The X-Series concept and design began to take shape in 2013 with the goal of setting the next standard for paper packaging systems. Now, based on the fundamental building block of our X-Fold paper, the X-Series systems challenge the current industry standard of oversized cumbersome paper packaging systems with a new standard of sleek, compact, and comfortable. This can translate to higher productivity, ease of use, space savings, better packing quality and cost savings equipment. The compact design of the X-Series systems also helps make new and exciting automation functions possible.

In addition, the X-Series systems include new modular designs which can dramatically streamline processes for parts repair and replacement.

Family members of the X-Series include the X-Pad+, X-Fill A, X-Fill SA, X-Fill M and X-Fill Pro systems. The X-Pad+ packaging system is especially suitable for cushioning and “block and brace.” The X-Fill system and its brother, the X-Fill Pro systems, are exceptionally suited for void filling operations.