The ultra compact design generates the standard industrial pad size with no trade off in protection and performance has redefined the standard of paper packaging systems and makes cushioning packaging operations never been so easy before.

Four modes of control with large touch screen for easy operation. Angle of equipment easily adjustable. Speed adjustable between 0.2 – 0.9 m/s for different preferences and needs of packers. Table side stand is an innovative design configured for higher productivity. Suitable for various paper basis weight, single ply and double plies, X-Fold paper, and single and multiple-stack paper trays.  Ready-Load™ paper stock design makes loading easier than ever before. Design is ready for easy system integration and future automation upgrades.


Application      Auto output and auto cut for cushioning



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Compact   Smallest footprint and lightest in industry

Fast   High production speed up to 0.9m/s ™

Ready Load ™  Simple and easy paper loading with X-Fold paper

User friendly  Easy to use touch screen operation

Efficient  Easy head angle adjustment, easy Jam Release Design and paper splicing for multiply paper

Flexible  Various configurations allow it to fit with workstation easily

Easy maintenance Modules design for easy and speedy set up, maintenance and services

Versatile   Four operation modes